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"The staff were wonderful.  So very kind and professional.  Very accommodating. We had a great time.  Your sound system was perfect.  Couldn't have asked for better service.  Helped us celebrate and have a great time - Ryan & Laura (Manor House)"


Is the disc jockey a sub-contractor?

At Great Day Productions we don't use sub-contractors. Look at any contract, many times it will say the company is only acting as an agent. By law a sub contractor is an independent business person and operates his or her own company. Make sure the contract clearly states that the person appearing is an employee of the company. At Great Day Productions we don't depend on someone else to show up on time with their equipment, their vehicle, and music. We have it all and it leaves from our location hours before your reception.


Is there a money back guarantee in the contract?

At Great Day Productions we are to our knowledge the only company that will give you a money back guarantee in writing.


Once a contract is signed can you change the event date?

At Great Day Productions we accept changes in event dates provided the new date is available. There is no extra cost to you! Beware some disc jockey services will charge you to change the date.


Once a contract is signed can we cancel?

At Great Day Productions we know plans can change therefore we only charge the nominal deposit for canceling the date, however we will apply the deposit to a future contract. Even if the new event occurs several years later!


Does every event include props?

No! At Great Day Productions we have an option called Party Pak®. This includes a variety of props that are given to the guests to use and enjoy during the reception as well as take home at the conclusion of the event. You will see your guests participating in ways you never dreamed possible. Have your cameras ready to capture these once in a lifetime moments. Choosing to add Party Pak® to your event is entirely optional. We don't suggest every client use this option and is something we discuss in our personal consultation.


How does the disc jockey dress?

Make sure you find out in advance the disc jockeys attire. At Great Day Productions our standard attire is full dress black tuxedo. However, we will dress to fit any theme party upon request.


Do I need a separate Master of Ceremonies?

Many will tell you the disc jockey will act as an emcee, but they are often too busy behind the system selecting and playing music. A true professional Master of Ceremony is interactive and gets everyone involved in your event. They will also coordinate your event from start to finish executing an event planned just for you. A disc jockey knows music, a professional Master of Ceremony knows timing, event coordination, etiquette and entertainment. At Great Day Productions we have both the disc jockey and the professional Master of Ceremony. This will be the part of the entertainment package that takes your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Does the disc jockey carry back-up equipment?

This is a mobile business. Our backup equipment is onsite at your event. At Great Day Productions we carry back up mixers, amplifiers, cordless microphones, and CD players and they are all onsite to make sure you have a worry free event. Better yet, we are the only company that will be able to show you our warehouse containing ALL of our equipment and backup equipment when you meet with us.


How does the company transport its equipment?

At Great Day Productions we own our entire transportation fleet not just one or two vehicles. You are able to view our fleet when you visit with us. We don't rely on someone to transport equipment in their personal vehicle.


What type of equipment does the disc jockey have?

At Great Day Productions we have complete digital computerized systems. We also have the ability to use compact discs should the need arise. All of our equipment is in a professional custom console set up. No setting up on tables. We use professional sound reinforcement including Peavey amplifiers and speakers, Toshiba computers, Numark CD players, American DJ mixers and Shure microphones. We do not illegally download music in any form.


Is the company or disc jockey insured?

At Great Day Productions we are fully insured. This includes our employees, our equipment and our transportation fleet. Always find out who the insurance carrier is along with limits of liability. You might also want to see the policy or speak to the agent.


Does the disc jockey just play music?

At Great Day Productions we have participation events for the youngest to the oldest. We have the ability to entertain your guests whether they are part of the dance crowd or not! We can get your guests involved in activities that will set your party apart and make it one that your guests will remember and talk about as the best party ever.


What music does the disc jockey play?

At Great Day Productions, we offer music from the 20's to what is current. Music is tailored for each event and group. Our disc jockeys excel at finding just the right music to match your crowd.

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