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"The staff were wonderful.  So very kind and professional.  Very accommodating. We had a great time.  Your sound system was perfect.  Couldn't have asked for better service.  Helped us celebrate and have a great time - Ryan & Laura (Manor House)"


Great Day Productions began as a hobby for owner Bill Teater in 1989, seeing a need in the Cincinnati area for a more unique DJ service to meet the changing demands of clients. Weddings were becoming more of an event than just a party and required more attention to detail than ever. Bill met this challenge by working on a system that brought together the talents of a disc jockey – skilled in playing music to keep a crowd entertained, along with a separate master of ceremonies to ensure events were run smoothly. This is the model still used today and has helped Great Day become one of the most recognized and longest running companies in the industry.


Great Day Productions now has a roster of over 22 professionals that have a combined experience of over 10,000 events. Getting to this size however, required patience and plenty of quality control to ensure the best product was presented at every event. It wasn’t until 1991 that Great Day employed a second DJ/Emcee crew and in 1996 Great Day became a full time business – not just a hobby. In 2009, Great Day Productions was featured in DJ Times – a national DJ publication and the first in the Cincinnati area to receive such recognition. Unlike many DJ companies, Great Day hires its employees, trains internally, does not sub-contract, owns all the equipment/trucks and is fully insured. We are also one of the few DJ companies in Cincinnati that houses all of our equipment and fleet of vehicles in one location - our warehouse/office in Newtown Ohio.


These days, Great Day Productions has become more than just a DJ company, but hasn’t lost its personal touch or attention to quality. In fact, Bill Teater personally meets with every client in the office for booking and also makes a personal appearance at over 96% of events to say hello and see how everything is going. Along with weddings, Great Day performs corporate team building events, private parties, school dances, prom fairs, a summer trade show and numerous events with the Susan G. Komen foundation and other great charities each year. In this regard, Great Day has truly become an event company, not just your average DJ service.


So – what does all this mean for you?


Well, no matter your budget, your event is likely the largest, most expensive party you will ever throw and you only get one chance to do it right – your DJ can make or break your entire event. With Great Day Productions, you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing you hired professionals that are capable of taking your event to the next level and a track record that can prove it. Anyone can play music, set up lights and make announcements but it takes a real pro to know the timing and etiquette necessary to create a great, lasting memory. Your DJ should be providing you with ideas as to how to make your event better and not asking you to plan everything for them. Great Day Productions has all the tools and experience to help you plan to party, and party with a plan!

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